Celebrate the new year in Egypt

Celebrate the new year in Egypt

Egypt is not a drinking country. Therefore, the traditional libations for the new year and the clink of glasses appeared exactly when foreigners and tourists came. Nevertheless, religion obliges, and traditional Egyptian families of the old way, of course, do without champagne jams in the chandelier and make wishes on a burnt piece of paper, followed by the absorption of ash in alcohol. But, these are traditional families. The Bedouins do not seem to have a calendar at all, and many families have New Year’s Eve -it is just a change of one day to another. That is - nothing special happens.

Are you scared? - All, of course, is not so in the tourist areas. Hurghada's streets and shopping centers are decorated with Christmas trees, lights, toys and funny figures, Christmas sales are taking place at shopping centers, photo sessions with Santa Claus (after all, he reminds him more) and the familiar jingle bells play. New Year mood reigns everywhere, joy and smiles.

Hotels necessarily offer a special program - this is a festive dinner, where there is just alcohol, a performance, shows, dances, there may even be fiery rooms and whole mini-performances, necessarily songs. There may be options here. Since the Russian-speaking diaspora is quite large in Egypt, our native singer can be invited to the holiday, and it can also be an Egyptian man with something traditional or European hits.

Many hotels hold prize giveaways or simply give mementos. In general, the usual such an average New Year.

And outside of hotels, cafes and restaurants, in the fight for the client, everything can be much cooler - there are discos and champagne by the river, and even chimes, a herring under a fur coat and olivier - there is an original Russian restaurant in Hurghada - and all the attributes of the holiday. New Year decorations and holiday clothes, even costumes, are welcome everywhere. They can make a huge cake, for example. Or invite a terrific presenter and organize competitions and karaoke. But such places must be known, as well as their program.

If you want to celebrate the New Year outside the hotel or find out the holiday program in it - contact us, we will help, tell and arrange for you to transfer or a tour of the nightlife of Hurghada.