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Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need a Visa to purchase property, but you do in order to live in Egypt
You do not need an Egyptian Bank account when purchasing but you will find it useful to set up a bank account if you are looking to rent out your property.
Almost definitely yes! All the real estate and development teams offer packages. They will also give you an indication as to an expected amount. This will obviously increase due to various reasons being location, quality, facilities etc. With Egypt being made up of tourists, you will find Beachfront properties in great demand, bringing the highest premiums.
Absolutely. A reputable agent will recommend a Solicitor who is independent yet familiar with the process of purchasing in Egypt. They must be experienced and qualified in Egyptian law and hiring a “family” solicitor is just as good as not hiring one at all!
Generally they are sold finished, but un-furnished. The Developers will often have a furniture package in place to purchase. This will fit into any rental requirements however with an apartment being offered unfurnished, it gives you the choice of choosing a package offered by the developer with a view to letting out your apartment or furnishing it yourself for the more personal touch.
Yes, there are recognised insurance companies operating in Egypt. Royal & Sun Alliance Egypt and Allianz are some of the larger insurers
You can ask your agent or the Developers themselves if you are purchasing from them directly. You should be able to source a track history of the Developer quite easily. If the Developer is building for the first time, it does not mean the project will not be built, but generally it is best to go with a developer who has a proven track history in the country in which you are purchasing.
This is an area which needs thorough investigation. The fact is, the rules have changed and many older developments do not meet the standards required today. To obtain full permission is a lengthy process and by asking for the due diligence from the developer or better still, having your Solicitor to review these documents, is the safest option. If these documents are in place, they will be readily available to you and if they can’t provide these on request, it will most likely mean they do not have all the permissions necessary.
For off-plan purchases, the contract will usually be sent to you after you have made your reservation. This will be in Arabic with an English translation and should be forwarded onto your solicitor to review.
Yes, If you decide to cancel your reservation, your fee will be refundable for a period of 14 days from the date you reserved your apartment.