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Buying a property at home or abroad is a major decision, and not one to be taken lightly. Whether you are buying for your own enjoyment or with a view to invest, there are certain things that as a buyer, you can do to limit any potential hazards. Some of these include finding the right property for you, checking all due diligence, appointing a good solicitor and having confidence in the development team. This short biopic is designed to give you a brief history of us, the Developer of the Royal Beach Resort who have been active in the construction of residential, public and commercial buildings in Egypt for over 50 years.

Egyfrance is a joint venture company consisting of Prima-Crete, who has more than 50 years history in the construction business in Egypt and France 2 Hotels and Resorts who are based in France and operate a number of apartments and hotels across Paris and Egypt.

PRIMA CRETE for Construction & Development (S.A.E) was founded in 1964 in Cairo. With our projects expanding all over Egypt, we have grown to employ more than 500 workers and have representation in a variety of cities in Egypt.

Our life as a Developer began as a contractor, concentrating on the building of apartments, schools, hospitals, factories and remarkable tourist resorts. Today, we have grown to become one of the leading general contractors in Egypt. We are responsible for some of the most challenging projects in Egypt and our aim was to bring a new quality of building to Egypt that brought European standards to the fore.

We are proud of our reputation for succeeding to complete our projects on-schedule and within budget. We are proud to report that more than 70% of our work comes from repeat business. We are a professional construction organization dedicated to serving our clients with honesty and integrity. We focus on effective collaboration and successful solutions. In over 50 years of operations, we have completed all our projects to the standard expected and beyond.

Our ability to understand and work closely with national and international architects and engineers on projects enables the project to flow smoothly and rapidly, thus meeting construction schedules and keeping our customer satisfied. As we respond to the ever-changing demands of the construction industry, PRIMA CRETE looks forward to continue growth and success for many years ahead.

France 2 Hotels & Resorts was founded in 1975 By Mr. Shenouda and currently owns and run more than 5 hotels in Paris-France. France 2 is present in key gateway locations in France and exclusive destinations. It’s reputation for exceptional customer quality has been recognized throughout Europe, winning coveted awards and marking our leadership in the luxury hospitality field.

For more details check http://www.egy-france.com/

Previous Projects

Below you will find a very brief description of just 4 of our projects that have been completed. We have focused our efforts primarily in Cairo previously, but our venture into Hurghada will create the flag bearer for Beach resorts on the Red Sea coast.

THe Royal Hadaba

The Royal Hadaba, Hurghada

The Royal Habada is a small development consisting of 250 apartments. These Apartments were designed for long term letting only and are home to a mainly ex-pat community. Situated just of Sheraton Road they were completed early 2010 and have already been fully let out.

Sheraton Palace

Sheraton Palace, Cairo

Situated in the prestigious Sheraton area of Cairo, these luxury Apartments were completed in 2005, consisting of 15 luxury Apartments.

Nozha Apartments

Nozha Apartments, Cairo

Situated in the Nozha area of Cairo and close to the international Airport, these Apartments were completed in 1999 and are host to 55 Apartments with the Ground floor used for commercial purposes

Nozha Grand Apartments

Nozha Grand apartments, Cairo

Situated in the Nozha area and close to the international Airport, these Apartments were completed in 2009 and are host to 110 Apartments with the Ground floor used for commercial purposes.