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Due Diligence

It is impossible not to put too much emphasis on the term "Due Diligence".

Due diligence is the one thing that means you can be secure in the knowledge that all legal documents are in place allowing the Resort to be built legally. This can range from the ownership of the land through to the right to building a Resort on the land

It is fair to say that there are a lot of Resorts and Developments throughout the world that do not have the correct diligence in place. This is one of the risks involved when buying any property, particularly off plan, which is where a good solicitor com

In terms of purchasing (be it in Royal Beach or not) in Egypt, you should request the below information from any Resort you wish to purchase in. If this information cannot be provided, you must ask yourself why not as these are fundamental to a legal buil

Over the last 3 years, Royal Beach has achieved all it needs to legally build and is proud to be able to offer you any information or documentation you may need to check this is the case.

We have the following documents available – please request any information you need, but once you purchase, these are obviously made available to your Solicitor. (Both are available in Arabic and English)

  • Title - Allocation Agreement
  • Title - Building Licence No 320.1993
  • Title - Building Licence No 568.2009
  • Title - Commercial register
  • Title - Egy-France for construction and Investment
  • Title - Environmental and Government
  • Title - Investor service Bureau Security approval
  • Title - Land Ownership
  • Title - Land Sale assignment No 1003.1881
  • Title - Land sale contract 11.2.1991
  • Title - Military
  • Title - Ministry of Water sources and irrigation
  • Title - Opinion of the General department for Environment Manager
  • Title - Planning

Property Management and Rental Guarantee

Once you have purchased your Apartment/s in Royal Beach, you need to know you have a dedicated service that will ensure the upkeep of your Apartment and the complex in general and to make sure it is always kept in the best possible condition.

In addition to this, if you are looking for a rental income, you will need the services of a committed property management company who will maximise your returns with an efficient and trustworthy service.

The Owner of each Apartment will have a standard fee of £9 per sq metre per year for maintenance which is your contribution to the upkeep of the Resort. For example; if you bought a 57sqm 1 Bedroom Apartment, your annual maintenance fees would be £513 per

The Royal Beach team have a wealth of experience with the running of Hotels and rental accommodation so will offer a full and exclusive Property management service which will include all you need for a trustworthy service dedicated to the owner.

  • Upkeep and cleaning of the Apartment
  • Transfer for clients to and from the Airport
  • Full and detailed list of client occupation
  • Arrangement of rental income payments
If you are not looking to rent out your apartment, for just a small fee, you will be offered a service to only pay for the services on offer when required (during your stay or friends occupying for example).

Also included in the after sales will be the full co-operation of the Royal Beach team.

Furniture packs will be offered at fantastic rates to compliment the surrounding.

We will assist you with any support you may need on Completion with the signing of the deeds etc.

The overall aim being to make sure that you have a trouble free purchase at Royal Beach!

Rental Guarantee option:

If you are looking for limited personal use but a guaranteed return on your Apartment, you can take advantage of the rental guarantee scheme.

This would mean that as the owner, you would received a total of 3 weeks use per year and the developer would take on the rental of your apartment and maintain your apartment for the remainder of the year. For this you will benefit from a guaranteed finan

  • Year 1:5%
  • Year 2:5.5%
  • Year 3:6%
  • Year 4:7%

Buying costs

Buying in Egypt is very straight forward and a very smooth process as long you have a recognised and efficient Solicitor.

Maintenance fees are set at £9 per sq metre (apartment size) per annum.

Taxes are one of the big selling points in Egypt (along with 365 days of Sun!)
Owners are exempt from all the following:

  • Stamp Duty
  • Government Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax or V.A.T
  • Inheritance Tax

Payment Plans

We have tried to be as flexible as possible with payment plans and Royal Beach has introduced an exceptional short no interest payment plans and lengthy developer payment plan that can suit all budgets.

Invest And Earn

Egypt is now building its new political structure to fulfill the dreams of all Egyptians who called for change, dignity, freedom of speech and social.

After the ratification of the new constitution in January 2014 through a public referendum with 98.1% approval rate and the election of a new President in June 2014 through direct elections.

The Parliamentary election law; the final prerequisite for holding the elections, was ratified by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in December 2014.

he Egyptian Economy’s resilience is capable of overcoming its economic challenges as it did in the 2008 financial crisis, and long-term investors will see many opportunities. 

Egypt has started its transformation to a stable, democratic and modern economy, where the dividends of growth and prosperity will be shared by all who participated in its achievement.

The Egyptian economy’s ability to post positive real economic growth rates amid the global economic downturn as well as during the political unrest that prevailed in 2011-2013 indicates how resilient economic activity in Egypt. 

Politically and economically Egypt is currently working on a new basis expecting  that in the coming 10 years will be one of the 10 economies in the world.

Egyfrance has realized these great opportunities offering our clients to Invest & Earn Program to maximize our clients profitability in a very solid and stable market and a great RIO that will compete with your expectations.

Why Egypt?

Why Egypt?